Cupcake set - Niken

May 20, 2013

Second order from Mbak Titi.
Thanks :).

Double Chocolate Cupcake And Macaroni Schotel - Vina Lim

May 20, 2013

My old friend Vina Lim from Hongkong ordered double chocolate cupcake and macaroni schotel to give a surprise to her mother on Mother's day last week. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of macaroni schotel.  

I did not put any message on the cupcake box :).
Her mother was very surprised and did not want to receive the cake because she did not know who has sent the cake for her, and she thought someone poisoned the cake for her (Oooo my God) so she did not want to ate the cake. Then she saw my Calyx phone number listed on the box and then called me asking about me and asking who has sent the cake for her. I explained that her daughter,Vina in Hongkong ordered the cake for Mother's day celebration.
She understood and then laughing. Thanks for the surprise.

Rose Cupcake Set - Liliana

May 02, 2013

Cupcake set 16 pcs
Base : double chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and decorated with fondant.

Thanks for order, Mrs. Liliana.

MU Manchaster United Cake - Budira

May 02, 2013

Base cake  : Lapis Surabaya 22 cm, covered with butter cream and decorated with edible image.

Thanks for order, Mrs. Julijanti.

Cupcake set - Mbak Titi

May 02, 2013

Cupcake set 9 pcs
Base  : double chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, decorated with fondant.

Thanks Ms. Titi for your order.