Contractor birthday cake

June 23, 2013

Base cake : double chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, covered with fondant and full decorated with fondant.
Size  : 20 cm, height 8 cm.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Cake - Calista

June 23, 2013

Double chocolate cake 20 cm with chocolate ganache, decorated with fresh strawberry and Hello Kitty topper of fondant.

Thanks Rio for your repeat order.

Red striped fondant cake

June 18, 2013

Base cake  : Lapis Surabaya 30 cm covered and full decorated with fondant. 

Thank you for your repeat order, Mrs. Ellysa :)

Map And Airplane Cake

June 10, 2013

Base cake  : Double chocolate cake 20 cm square with chocolate ganache, covered with fondant, and decorated with fondant  figure : Priest, Bible on table and airplane. Map, temple and monument were made of edible image.

Soccer Cupcake

June 10, 2013

Cupcake set 9 pcs
Base cake : Vanilla with filling strawberry jam.

Thanks Mbak Niken for the order.