December 4, 2013

Repeat order from my loyal customer for her mother birthday.

Base cake   : Lapis surabaya 22 cm covered with buttercream and decorated with fondant.
Delivery      : Nov 30, 2013

Teapot cake - Bertha

November 20, 2013

Fondant Teapot cake for Bertha's 85th birthday.

Base cake  : round cake 30 cm, 5 layer,  mocca flavor, covered with fondant.
Teapot  : 15 cm chocolate cake, covered with fondant.


85th Birthday souvenir - Bertha

November 20, 2013

30 set customized birthday souvenir for Bertha's 85th birthday celebration :
- 1 customized hardbox 
- 1 printed mug
- 1 cookie jar
- 1 pack of tea
- 1 small tea spoon

First concept :
Brown striped hardbox with brown ribbon.

Final concept after adjustment :
10 different photos from old times of the family stick on each box.. My client wants to have old times to remember through the box. So the concept looks like a scrapbook with photos in different moments.

Personalized cookie jar

November 20, 2013
Personalized cookie jar creates something special for your birthday party / other events.
You can put your name, image, date of birth, words, etc on custom label and stick on your cookie jar.  
Customized label make it unique, beautiful and personalized.

To get more detail and price, pls send your inquiry to :
Email :  t30.lisa@gmail.com
Sms/WA : 08111995588

Chicks cake for Papi Niko

October 16, 2013

Repeat order from Mrs. Shanty for her husband's birthday. She asked me to make the barn cake following the model from www.blog.thecelebrationshoppe.com but I modified the chicks as requested.

Base cake  : Brown Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting, size 22 cm.
Barn cake :  covered with brown cream cheese frosting.
I used coffee biscuits to make the roof and stick biscuits to make window frame.
I made 12 little chicks cake pop without stick.

Thanks Mrs. Shanty for the repeat order.

Thomas Train cake for Onyx

October 13, 2013

Delivery on Oct 10, 2013.
Base cake  : Double chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.
Size  : O 20 cm
Cake was covered and decorated with fondant but Thomas train topper made of plastic.

 Thanks Mrs. Amelia for your order.

Magician Cake for Rynku Viceroy

October 13, 2013

Base cake  : Lapis surabaya - cheese flavor
Size  : 20x20 cm covered and decorated with fondant. Delivery on Oct 9, 2013.
Customer gave a design from www.sweetestsensation.co.uk that I should made with a little modification.   

Rynku was one of finalists of The Master Season 5 (Indonesia TV show magic competition) that was eliminated in last minutes before final stage. 
Happy birthday Rynku !

Graduatin cake for Fachnanda

October 13, 2013

Repeat order from Ms. Titi - Jogja. Delivery on Oct 7, 2013.
Double chocolate cake O 20 cm with chocolate ganache decorated with fresh strawberry and fondant figurine.

 Thanks Ms. Titi for repeat order.

Pocoyo Birthday Cake For Xiaohu

September 30, 2013

Pocoyo Birthday Cake For Xiaohu, delivered on 27/09/2013.
Base cake  : Double chocolate cake 3 layer with chocolate ganache, recovered with buttercream.
Size   : 22x22 cm
Theme  : Pocoyo And Friends, made of fondant.

Thank you Mrs. Yenny (Surabaya) for order.

Red velvet cupcake

September 27, 2013

Red velvet cupcake for Andi and Joshua.

Hello Kitty Goodie Bag

September 28, 2013

Small paper bag, Hello Kitty theme :
- 1 gel pen
- 1 decorated cookie Hello Kitty head
- 1 big fruit vanilla cookie
- 1 small chocolate lollipop with edible image
- 1 pack Delfi cha-cha chocolate

Striped window box :
- 1 jar strawberry butter cookies
- 1 jar choco crunch
- 1 decorated cookie Hello Kitty head
- 1 small chocolate lollipop with edible image
- 1 pack Delfi cha-cha chocolate

Birthday Hamper - Alice

September 28, 2013

24 Set hamper/goodie bag for Alice's birthday :
- 1 Personalized luggage box
- 1 Printed mug
- 1 jar Strawberry Butter Cookies
- 1 jar Choco crunch
- 1 Chocolate lollipop
- 1 pack stick biscuit

All favors used personalized label. 


I was so excited creating this hamper.  Searching materials from many sources really took much time, need patience and need right schedule.
I arranged one by one since June, started from the luggage...I needed an image to be printed till I found a software of Hallmark Card Studio and learned to operate it and chose puppy as the theme as requested by Alice. Thanks for it.
I ordered acrylic jars and prepared their labels (personalized labels really took my time so much and made me sleep over night for weeks...whheewww), I realized I could not make a design for printing label coz I could not operate Illustrator / photo shop / corel draw....oh my God..but I really want to be able to have my own design for this project. Finally I used Hallmark Card Studio to create the label and image for the luggage, jar and mug. I also used edible image for chocolate lollipop.

I'm glad I could finish at the right time and I think the goodie bag is good looking, right ? hahahaha and people said : wow....great ! Very nice hamper. It's cool. Thank you.

For further information about price, term & condition, pls email me :) 


Puppy cake

September 27, 2013

Base cake : Vanilla cake with pineapple jam, size O 16 cm = 2 pcs for head and body.

I designed the cake to be the same as the puppy printed on goodie bag.

** Images on goodie bag (luggage hardbox) using Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe.

Fancy cookies - Hello Kitty

September 27, 2013

Hello Kitty cupcake - Personalized birthday favors For Alice

September 27, 2013
Personalized birthday favors for Alice's birthday on September 20, 2013 :

Red velvet cupcake with standing edible Hello Kitty.

Goodie bags with cute Hello Kitty paper bag :

Butter cookies individually packed in fancy plastic bag :

Fancy cookies, Hello Kitty face.

Chocolate lollipop with edible image and Delfi cha-cha chocolate wrapped in clear plastic bag with Hello Kitty ribbon.

Macaroni Schotel - Ibu Diniana

September 3, 2013

Mrs. Diniana ordered 70 cups of Macaroni Schotel personal size on last Aug 30, 2013.

I didn't have much time to take some photos of this order as I need to deliver in early morning. I just could take a photo of one box when I was on the way so the result was not good.

Thanks for your order, Mrs. Diniana.


Coklat loli (chocolate lolly)

September 1, 2013

Small chocolate lolly, 3 cm.

Mickey Birthday Cake For Calvin

September 1, 2013

This cake was ordered for my nephew, Calvin's 3rd birthday on August 31, 2013.

Base cake : Sponge cake, Lapis Surabaya
Size  : 22 cm
Cake was covered with buttercream and decorated with mixed fondant and toys of plastic.

I also provided longer stick biscuit, chocolate lolly and fancy cookie for goodie bag / favor bag.