Birthday Hamper - Alice

September 28, 2013

24 Set hamper/goodie bag for Alice's birthday :
- 1 Personalized luggage box
- 1 Printed mug
- 1 jar Strawberry Butter Cookies
- 1 jar Choco crunch
- 1 Chocolate lollipop
- 1 pack stick biscuit

All favors used personalized label. 


I was so excited creating this hamper.  Searching materials from many sources really took much time, need patience and need right schedule.
I arranged one by one since June, started from the luggage...I needed an image to be printed till I found a software of Hallmark Card Studio and learned to operate it and chose puppy as the theme as requested by Alice. Thanks for it.
I ordered acrylic jars and prepared their labels (personalized labels really took my time so much and made me sleep over night for weeks...whheewww), I realized I could not make a design for printing label coz I could not operate Illustrator / photo shop / corel draw....oh my God..but I really want to be able to have my own design for this project. Finally I used Hallmark Card Studio to create the label and image for the luggage, jar and mug. I also used edible image for chocolate lollipop.

I'm glad I could finish at the right time and I think the goodie bag is good looking, right ? hahahaha and people said : wow....great ! Very nice hamper. It's cool. Thank you.

For further information about price, term & condition, pls email me :)